Michaels Story – A Heli Ski Guides Life

March 16, 2016

A bit about Michael – our Canadian brother from another mother


Michael lives for snow and the backcountry. He spends his Northern Winters in Canada working as a Heli-Ski and Cat Ski guide at Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing and his Southern Winters working for us at Southern Lakes Heli-Skiing in New Zealand.

Now if you have been lucky to have Michael as your guide before you’ll realise this guy is one of the best in the industry. First of all are his skills, then his passion, customer service, terrain choice and the list goes on and on. You see Michael loves what he does so much that it fulfils his life in a way that he wants you to feel the same.


A heliski guides best training is to immerse yourself into a snow life to learn natures patterns and then try to work with them. For 10 years Michael worked in the ski industry in various roles from Ski Instructor, Ski Patrol, Ski School Supervisor,

Avalanche Research Technician and finally he got his pinnacle job a Heli-Ski Guide.

Michaels pretty busy, he is also working toward a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Geological Engineering at University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He mountain bikes, kite boards and climbs but he also loves his friends and adventure.


Every year in the Christmas holidays he heads up to Asulkan Hut, Rogers Pass to ski tour and take on a few challenging runs. Conditions aligned and they had a window before a storm rolled in allowing him and his friends to ski an alpine couloir called Forever Young (photo 1 and 2).

New Years is all about friends and having fun and when you are a heliski guide you get access to choppers so what did Michael do…. went heli ski touring and skied a line on Seven Dwarfs (photo 3).

Michaels philosophy is built on four principles: safe travel through the mountains; building long lasting relationships with clients, friends, family, and industry partners; continual professional development and skills training, and offering his customers a ski/snowboard experience that you’ve always dreamed about.