We Heliskied 25 Out Of 31 Days In August….

September 19, 2016


It would be fair to say August made up for July’s slow start. With regular snowfalls mixed with endless days of sunny weather we were able to fly 25 days out of 31! That’s 80% fly days which was above our normal average of 65%.

Most of the storms were hitting our North and Western terrain adding an extra 10-20cm on top of an already solid base which was delivered to us in July. Lucky for us having such extensive terrain especially in the the NW, it allowed us to have endless fresh tracks.


August had many highlights, we had the winners of the “Corona Win The Ultimate Backcountry Experience’ heliski and heliboard with us on four separate occasions. The prize was epic, an all expenses paid weekend in Wanaka with a day’s heliskiing in the Southern Alps. To finish the day off a refreshing Corona was shared at a secret alpine hut.

We took out Olympian Janina Kuzma and her partner Chris Rodgers for an epic photo shoot with photographer Miles HoldenAntti Autti joined us again for another content gathering session for his new movie and managed to secure some new lines that had never been snowboarded before! The boys from the band Shapeshifter came out and timed it perfectly to capture the 55cm that fell in the 7th of September storm.  Nico Porteous an up and coming local free skier got an unexpected surprise when he found a Red Bull Helmet in the snow and realised he had been chosen to be part of the Red Bull family. Its pretty awesome as a company to be a part of creating new memories and future stories!


Since we are locally owned and operated we threw a local’s day out to our friends in Wanaka and Queenstown. It was so successful we had to turn people away but the ones who got the chance got to heliski some fantastic snow and then enjoy a ride on the TSS Earnslaw. The night ended with the days photos being shown at Rhinos Ski Shack in Queenstown and I’m sure a few tasty beverages were enjoyed after a perfect day in the mountains.


Guide Phil Penny exploring Wanaka’s back country while looking for locations for Antti Autti’s new movie. Photo: Guide Tucker Patton

Speaking of photos our guides have been doing an amazing job this season at capturing both our guests and the surrounding scenery on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to them we are able to share the days conditions over our social media platforms and provide guests with photo packages to cherish for a lifetime.

The season hasn’t stopped just yet. The temperatures are starting to warm up providing us with excellent spring corn. There is still lots of snow out there and a few more snow storms on the way. We will aim to keep flying until we run out of people and the conditions aren’t up to our high standards! So come and get one last heliski fix before it all melts away and we have to wait till next winter.