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That's It, But That's Certainly Not All

Well, that’s all she wrote. It’s the dreaded time of year where the ski season comes to a close, but we’re already counting the days until the snow starts falling again. The 2019 season was one for the books and we want to extend a huge thank you to all of you powder pigs. It was a season full of new lines, new faces, and more “best days ever” in the southern lakes region of New Zealand.

What were our favourite moments of the season? The short answer would be every moment…but here is our attempt to choose a few highlights.

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Redefining Morning Glory

It’s 4:00pm on a Tuesday evening. 40cm of fresh powder is due overnight and you’re weak in the knees with anticipation.

But wait… tomorrow is Wednesday and you have an office meeting at noon. A sense of dread washes over you as you realise that this rare opportunity to soak up the most pristine lines of the season may pass you by. Then it hits you! You’re struck with an idea of utter brilliance. Some might say you’re crazy…but most would probably consider you a legend.

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The Heli Hustle Is On!

June has arrived which only means one thing…we are weeks away from spinning blades! With freshly snowcapped peaks in sight…we at Southern Lakes Heliski are chomping at the bit. It’s time to officially hang up the wetsuit, trade the mountain biking helmet for the ski helmet, and wipe the dust from your snow riding rig. Winter is en route! But what do I need to do to prepare you ask? Worry not - we are here to help.

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